5 Reasons to Switch to a Digital Planner or Journal

If you are reading this your probably wondering “Why should I switch to a digital journal or planner?” You probably love your paper journal and planner. You are probably a person who loves paper products such as journals, notecards, stickers, sticky notes and notebooks.


So why switch? Here are ten reasons to switch to a digital planner or journal, in no particular order.


  1. Ease of Access

What is the ease of access? It is the fact that no matter where you are if you are using an app like Goodnotes, or Adobe Acrobat and you have it saved to the cloud you can access it from anywhere, your phone, your computer, and your tablet.


  1. To Be Green

Digital planners help save our environment, but not using paper and pens which then end up in a landfill when we are all done with them.


  1. Express Yourself

Digital journals and planners allow you to express your creative side so easily and quickly. You can change your cover at any time, you can add stickers, draw (and erase if you decide you don’t like it).


  1. Unlimited Potential

You can carry with you unlimited journals, planners, calendars, and budget sheets at all times. You can organize your thoughts, calendar, or creative ideas any place at any time.


  1. Looking Back

You can look back at any old journal, notebook, budget, calendar at any time. What to know what you spent last year, it is at your fingertips. What to find a personal goal you had at this time last year, just look it up. Wondering what that creative idea was you never pursued, glance back.


Digital planners, notebooks, journals, budget sheets, goals, or bullet journals allow you to express yourself, organize in a way that makes sense to you, easily access old information, save the earth and plan ahead all at once.

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