Digital Planners 103

Quick Easy Layouts with GoodNotes, the elements tool & PNG pages & stickers


The new GoodNotes element tool is going to simplify your digital planning process and you are going to be amazed. Today we are covering, using PNG page files instead of PDF pages, to add pages from the elements tool to your digital planner, how to layer transparent PNG files and how to save a completed layout to the elements collections so that you can use it over and over again.


Why I love the GoodNotes element tool:

  • You no longer have to open your file folder side by side with GoodNotes and drag your stickers over, which could be hit or miss on actually getting them in place.


  • You can keep all your favorite stickers, pages, and group sticker layouts in a easy to access location


  • You can organize your stickers by collection, subject matter, color scheme and much more!


Enjoy this free download of the png page files and 5 of the stickers used in this tutorial video. Click here to download now!

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