Tropcial Beach Fluid Art Home Decor. Blue & Gold Beach Painting. Inspirational Wall Art Decor.

Decorate your living room, home office, workplace office, bathroom, or bedroom with our fluid art pieces. These abstract pieces are perfect for any location that needs a bit of color added! Framed in light-colored wood, they are ready to hang and are very light, so they don't need extra reinforcement to keep them on the wall.

This Fluid Acrylic beach painting, is 18 inches tall by 5 inches wide and boasts the words "He is an anchor in the storm."

This poured acrylic painting is painted on a birch wood-framed panel. Painted and coated with resin, then the vinyl sticker was applied and the whole piece was coated again with resin, giving it a depth beyond all others.

Since this item is handmade, you may notice slight imperfections. We try to highlight all possible imperfections in the photos. These variations are considered enhancements to its beauty. I take great care in creating these items to the best of my ability. They are painted in a clean, smoke-free home.

When you buy from an artisan you are supporting a small business and allowing an artist to do what they are called to do, create! Consider allowing us to do a happy dance today as you make your purchase!


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