Washington state Vinyl Sticker. Free Shipping. 4.5 inches wide. 6 inches wide. Black and white

Washington State Vinyl sticker.
Perfect for your car, water bottle, coffee tumbler or really wherever you wish to apply it. If applying to a curved surface please note you may have bubbling.

** permanent Vinyl
** Matte oracle 632 Vinyl
** 6x6 inches wide
** White
** Transfer Tape Applied

Before applying your sticker, clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and make sure it’s dry. Use a credit card or scraper to burnish the front and back to make sure it’s well applied to transfer paper. Peel off the backing carefully to make sure the whole image sticks to the transfer paper. Line up carefully on the surface before allowing it to stick. Lay flat against the surface and burnish to apply, carefully pulling back the transfer paper making sure the whole sticker transfers onto your surface.

Need a different color please message us!


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