Mobile Holiday Spirit

Its the first day of December and I am sure many of us already have our trees up, our stockings hung, lights glowing and Christmas music playing! Our homes are festive and ready for the holiday season, but what about when you are out shopping, riding in the car or standing in line? Are you taking the holiday spirit with you outside of your home?

It’s really easy to be cheerful and loving when you are at home bundled up by the fire next to your beautifully lit Christmas tree.  It’s a different story when you get out in the crowds, the traffic, the lines and all the other cranky customers!

There are probably lots of ways to make sure you take some joy out with you into the holiday hustle and bustle, but as I was thinking about this concept, one idea that stuck out in my mind was my cell phone. No, I am not suggesting you download an annoying chipmunk Christmas carol to use as your ring ton. Since you take your cell phone everywhere, right? I am suggesting a much more subtle way of reminding yourself to spread joy to those around you.

How many times a day do you look at your cell phone? Check the time on it? See if you have any important text messages? Look for e-mails or just make time go by faster by playing a game? What if your lock screen and your home screen reminded you what this season was all about?

Did you know its super simple to do? And I am making it even easier with two free holiday downloads for you to use on your cell phone.  Just download to your phone and set as your home screen or lock screen so that you can remind yourself to spread some joy this holiday season. The downloads are in two formats that I hope will resize correctly to your cell phone. One is for iPhones and the other for Androids.


For more digital phone art, visit my Etsy store at These downloads are very affordable at only .99 cents each!

I hope you will join me this holiday season by taking some festive holiday spirit with you as a reminder to be full of joy, patient, compassionate and understanding to those you meet as you run your holiday errands, Christmas shop, see movies and spend time with family and friends.