Acrylic Paint Poured Tumbler on a Cake Spinner


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Today’s tutorial is an acrylic poured tumbler that I spin on a cake spinner after placing the paint on the bottom of the upside-down tumbler. In this video you will see my successes, challenges, and fails! I am willing to share all of these with you so that you can be reassured that in art things don’t go smoothly all the time and the beauty of the final outcome is found in the challenges and fails! Even though we encounter some problems along the way throughout this video, we still end up with an original piece of art.

All of the instructions for this project are located inside the video, but I will list the supplies needed and links to where to purchase them here, so that you can gather all your supplies before watching.

Supplies Needed:

Enjoy, be inspired and create something awesome. Shop my paint poured tumblers here.

Digital Planners 102

How to use GoodNotes NEW element tool!

I am so excited that GoodNotes has created an element tool in their latest update (You must have GoodNotes 5.70. If you have not updated your app, do so now in the app store)! This makes adding stickers to your digital planner and journal so much easier! So, I have created a quick little tutorial video for you to watch. Once you see how easy this is, you will want to purchase or download stickers galore to use in your digital planners. If you can’t tell I am super excited about this new addition to the app as it makes our lives so much easier!

Here are the top things I love about this new tool:

As with the old way of importing stickers, you need to save your stickers to a folder on iCloud, Google, or OneDrive so that you can import them into GoodNotes. Once imported into GoodNotes, your new sticker collection will be accessible across all your devices as long as you have your GoodNotes apps syncing to one another. On the iPhone, you have to swipe to the left on the editing toolbar to find the sticker button, but once there, it’s an easy one-click to find your stickers and one click to add them to your journal, notebook, or planner.

Enjoy this new tool and get your stickers organized today. Download these free stickies notes to import into your elements tool today. (Click Here)

Top Three DIY Easter Crafts

We are just few weeks away from Easter and I thought this would be the perfect time to review my Easter tutorials and DIY projects.

Today I will provide links to my top three tutorials from previous years and talk about two alternative ways to decorate Easter eggs (with links included).

My sister and I are going to dye Easter eggs again this year and I thought it would be fun to try two new ways to decorate our eggs (highlighted below). After trying these I will be writing a blog evaluating each process. My goal is to help direct you to the process that will work best for you and your family.

In March of 2017, I wrote three blogs on Easter gift ideas and DIY decorations.

Mason Jar Easter Gifts

The Mason jar Easter gifts gave you new and creative ways to package your Easter gifts. Also included was a free download (which is still available).  This tutorial can be found here along with the free download.

DIY: Rustic Easter Carrots

That same month I wrote another tutorial on making rustic twine carrots which can be used in Easter/Spring decorating around your home. I enjoy decorating for a variety of holidays and hope some new ideas will encourage you.  Find the Rustic Carrot tutorial here.

DIY: Easter Garland

Then we also enjoyed a tutorial on how to make your own watercolor “Easter Egg” garland, which is a perfect project to do with your children or in a classroom. In this tutorial we painted traced “egg” shapes with watercolors, cut them out and punched holes in them. Then we attached ribbon to make a garland. This idea would also work well for Easter gift tags or greeting cards. You can find this tutorial here.

Alternative Egg Decorating Ideas

There are two alternative egg decorating ideas that I am going to explore this year. One involves bleeding tissue paper and the other shaving cream! Both of these directions give you multi-colored Easter eggs and they look like they might be easier for young children and less messy than traditional methods (no cups of dye to knock over or splash on your neighbor, counter or kitchen table).

The first tutorial uses shaving cream and food coloring. All the steps are outlined here on

Next up is dying Easter eggs with tissue paper. The key to this one is buying “bleeding” tissue paper - the only type of tissue paper that will leave colors behind on your eggs. You can find the complete step by step process here on

I will post my evaluations and pictures of the new processes soon, so look for that coming up. Until then enjoy the Easter season and find joy in the fact that spring is upon us!