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How to use GoodNotes NEW element tool!


I am so excited that GoodNotes has created an element tool in their latest update (You must have GoodNotes 5.70. If you have not updated your ap, do so now in the app store)! This makes adding stickers to your digital planner and journal so much easier! So, I have created a quick little tutorial video for you to watch. Once you see how easy this is, you will want to purchase or download stickers galore to use in your digital planners. If you can’t tell I am super excited about this new addition to the app as it makes our lives so much easier!

Here are the top things I love about this new tool:


  • You can create collections. So, you can organize your stickers and sticky notes in any fashion you want to.

  • You can import your single PNG files into the elements tool so that your stickers are one click away!

  • This simplifies your planning process.

As with the old way of importing stickers, you need to save your stickers to a folder on iCloud, Google, or OneDrive so that you can import them into GoodNotes. Once imported into GoodNotes, your new sticker collection will be accessible across all your devices as long as you have your GoodNotes apps syncing to one another. On the iPhone you have to swipe to the left on the editing tool bar to find the sticker button, but once there, it’s an easy one click to find your stickers and one click to add them to your journal, notebook or planner.


Enjoy this new tool and get your stickers organized today. Download these free stickies notes to import into your elements tool today. (Click Here)

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