Hot off the presses:

Your wedding program as a magazine!

Have you ever thought of having a magazine created for your wedding?

Recently, one of my clients asked me to create a magazine for the wedding she was coordinating. As she started sending me the information and the content for the magazine I started to get really excited about this project. What a perfect way to let your guests know a little bit more of your story, along with information about the bridal party, order of service and much more!

The project began with one of the couples engagement photos, a magazine title and headlines and continued with the order of service, the bridal party line up with creative headlines from the bride and groom, letters written by both the bride and groom to each other, well wishes from family and friends, a dedication to a deceased friend and thanks to all those involved in making their day special. Just 8 pages long, but packed full of wonderful memories for the couple and their guests!

A magazine like this would allow your guests to prepare themselves for your story and what is about to take place as they wait for your wedding celebration to begin. It could contain notes from your bridal party or notes to each member of your bridal party, vows written by the bride and groom, blessings or prayers from the parents, information about where the new couple is going to live or where they are taking their honeymoon. It could be 4 pages, 8 pages or 12 pages long! Really the sky is the limit with something like this!

Interested in having a mini magazine created for your wedding! Contact me at for more information! I look forward to helping you create memories for special day!