How To Save Paint When Paint Pouring

When painting tumblers with acrylic paint, a lot of the paint drips or spins off of the tumbler. In today’s video I will show you a technique that allows you to save almost all of the extra paint and create another piece of art with it.

In today’s video, we will paint a tumbler on a mug spinner with acrylic paint while its spinning and allow that paint to drip off onto a liquid panel. In the end we will get a beach scene on both the panel and the mug. Not only do you create to pieces at one time, you save time, money and paint. Let’s get started with the supplies you will need and then move on to the video!

Supplies Needed:


After your mug has dried, you will need to coat it with resin. You can watch how I do that in this video.

Tutorial: Applying resin to a tumbler

In this video tutorial I will show you my method of applying resin to tumbler while it’s spinning on a mug spinner. (We painted a tumbler in this previous video.) When I was learning to apply resin to my tumblers, I took a few missteps along the way and I am hoping that my video and technique can help you avoid those same missteps.

If you follow my tutorial, you will find that this process is quite simple, you just need to be patient and keep working the resin until you are confident that the mug is completely covered with an even coat. Here is the supply list you need for this tutorial.


After you gather all your supplies, watch the tutorial here. I hope this video helps you create some wonderful and that you find it very help.